Informations for Investors

Welcome to the Kiro'o Games studio investment process. Before beginning, please read the informations on our startup..

Informations for investors

Kiroo in the international press

Reportage de France24 sur Kiro'o Games

Share price

Fcfa (XAF) Euro (€) Dollar US ($)
Share price 369 Fcfa 0,59 0.67 $
Minimum investment (745 shares) 275 000 Fcfa 440 500 $

Our story and creation timeline

Kiroo story from 2003 to 2019

Urithy planning

Timeline of games and services over the next 4 years (Click to zoom)

Somes of our top products

Aurion: PC Game (2016)
Aurion: The Comic (2019)
The Boss

Your personal information

Your investment

Minimum investment : 275,000 Xaf or 500 USD or €440